by | Jul 13, 2020

Promote, Educate, and Connect


The Arab America Foundation’s (AAF) primary purpose is to promote the Arab and Arab American heritage throughout North America. This mission is accomplished through the coordination of National Arab American Heritage Month (NAAHM) in April. NAAHM promotes an accurate narrative about the history, culture and identity of Arab Americans. AAF’s national activist grass-roots network plans celebrations and gathers proclamations and resolutions from school districts, municipalities, county, state governments, and law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, AAF jointly promotes the Arab heritage through “The Best of Arab America,” a national celebration of Arab heritage and culture in Washington DC attended by members of Congress, community members, and leaders. It features the best of music, dance, cuisine, and visual arts.


Recognizing there is an inaccurate image of Arabs in the U.S., the Arab America Foundation seeks to provide an alternative narrative. AAF provides educational materials such as the Educational Curriculum Kit which details the history, religion, culture, contributions and issues of Arab Americans to institutions throughout the U.S. In addition, a resource guide is available online for teachers and parents throughout the year.

Members of AAF’s grass-roots network present diversity training about Arab Americans to school districts, libraries, municipalities, law enforcement, county, and state governments.

Moreover, the education committee is established to implement initiatives which promote the Arab identity.


With close to 4 million Arab Americans in the U.S., the Arab America Foundation connects Arab Americans regardless of their diverse Arab nationality, political affiliation, or religious background.

Through a grass-roots network, AAF is engaging hundreds of Arab Americans to join national and respective state teams. These teams organize the “Connect Arab America Summit,” providing a forum for Arab Americans to meet, strategize, and become empowered.

In addition, efforts to bring Arab Americans together are coordinated on a weekly basis via social media and Zoom live meetings and events.

Finally, AAF is engaged in building coalitions with diverse organizations across the U.S.