Board of Directors

by | Jun 23, 2020

Dr. Adel Korkor



Adel B Korkor, M.D. is a physician, entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist. In 2017 he stepped down from his clinical practice to dedicate much of his time, energy, and resources to the needs of patients who are suffering from mental illness establishing the Adel B. Korkor Foundation.  Over the years, Dr. Korkor has remained actively engaged with the Arab American community.

Issam Andoni

Vice Chairman


Issam Andoni is a technologist and entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of the Zeva Holding group which owns and operates multiple technology companies. Mr. Andoni is also the Chairman of The Andoni Family Foundation, a foundation dedicated to promoting technology advancement in Palestine. Mr. Andoni is actively engaged with the Arab American community.

Attorney Linda Mansour



Linda Mansour is a practicing attorney and seasoned litigator. She has over four decades of experience as a legal consultant. Having grown up and worked in Europe, the US, and the Middle East. Through the years, Linda has played a leadership role in many local, national, and international civic, charitable and professional organizations and has been a key player in promoting Arab American civil and human rights issues.

Ibrahim Hamideh



Ibrahim Hamideh is an entrepreneur who has established businesses in Maryland, as president of Hamideh Inc., an investment company that owns and operates several retail grocery stores, shopping centers, and multi-unit apartments in the greater Baltimore area. He is an active supporter of several Arab American and initiatives in Maryland.

Warren David


Washington DC

Warren David is a co-founder of the Arab America Foundation. A third-generation Arab American of Syrian and Lebanese heritage, he has been a life-long activist in the Arab American community. David is the founder and president of Arab America (, a national digital media platform and the leading provider of digital media about Arab Americans. He was also the creator and co-executive producer of the critically acclaimed national public television series, “Arab American Stories,” and the former national president of ADC—the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Dr. Amal David


Washington DC

Dr. Amal David is a co-founder of the Arab America Foundation and is Director of Operations and Community Outreach at Arab America. Dr. David worked for the Detroit Public School System for many years, completing her career there as a Program Supervisor in Bilingual Education. Moreover, she was an adjunct instructor for many years at Wayne County Community College District.  Her social interaction skills and willingness to help individuals and institutions are hallmarks of her personality.

Hussam Abu Issa/Board Member


Abu Issa is the Vice Chairman of Salam International Investment Ltd. in Doha, Qatar. He is the founder and co-partner in establishing Salam Holdings Co. and took a major role in the merger process of Salam Holdings with Salam International to form a conglomerate of companies, historically the first family-owned company traded in the Qatar Stock Market.

Shareefa Albanna/Board Member

New York

Shareefa Albanna, is a serial entrepreneur and economic development consultant. She has been appointed to her current role as Startup Ventures Success Manager by The State University of New York and The University at Buffalo, Business and Entrepreneurial Partnerships and the Interim Program Manager of Start-Up NY. She is an award-winning businesswoman and economic empowerment advocate with an extensive portfolio of work. 

Jack Azar/Board Member


Jack Azar, is a family man and entrepreneur specializing in the restaurant business. He is the CEO and founder of Manhattan Pizza with over 15 locations and over 300 employees with locations in the DMV and North Carolina area. His love for his heritage drew him to invest his time into the Arab-America Foundation. 

Dena David Cranley/Board Member


Dena Canley’s professional career includes over twenty years of global experience in training, facilitating, consultation, management, research and analysis, and mental health counseling. She is the former First Lady of the City of Cincinnati. Throughout her career, she has led teams guiding organizations and people, to a new level of diversity awareness and understanding.

Najla Jamoussi/Board Member


Najla Jamoussi is currently Director of Global Fundamentals and Corporate Research at Cheniere Energy, the second largest Liquified Natural Gas producer globally. She has nearly two decades of industry experience and has held various analytical and managerial positions pertaining to financial analysis, corporate research, and LNG strategy. 

Youssef Mubarez/Board Member

New York

Youssef Mubarez is a businessman and community development activist in the Yemeni American community. Born in New York, he grew up bridging the gap between his Yemeni ancestry and American upbringing. He is the Chief Operating Officer of ATM World Corp., the largest ATM sales company in the northeast and is involved in several entrepreneurial businesses such as Merchant Processing and Real Estate Development.


Dr. William Lafi Youmans/Board Member

Washington DC

Dr. William Youmans is an associate professor at the George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs. Broadly interested in questions of transnationalism, power, and communication, his primary research interests include global news, law and politics. His other areas of interest include researching terrorism, American international broadcasting, Middle East politics and Arab-American studies.

Dr. Omar Zalatimo/Board Member


Dr. Omar Zalatimo, MD is a first generation Arab American from Palestinian parents. He currently practices as a neurosurgeon in Baltimore, MD. He is the current president of Medical Staff for Sinai Hospital of Baltimore and the Maryland Neurosurgical Society. He has maintained strong ties to both the Middle East, traveling there each year, and to numerous Arab American organizations. Over the years he has been an avid supporter of the Arab America Foundation’s mission.