Arab Americans 


The Arab America Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) educational and cultural organization  The mission of the Arab America Foundation is to Promote the Arab heritage and empower Arab Americans; Educate Americans about the Arab identity and culture, and to connect Arab Americans to each other and to other communities.  

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  • Support the only non-sectarian national organization in the U.S. that exclusively promotes the Arab American heritage and culture.
  • Support the Arab America Foundation to promote the Arab heritage through Arab’s website, email network (Arab America E-News), and social media platforms.
  • Help educate Americans by reaching out to institutions such as school districts, municipalities, state governments, non-profits, associations, chambers, law enforcement agencies, and the media.
  • Connect and build long-term relationships with Arab Americans across the nation.
  • Make business and professional contacts with Arab Americans who share your interests. 
  • Get discounts on select educational and cultural events.
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